Are you baffled about how to get your business and message to stand out and get more people to hire you? 

Do you want to know the secrets that top performers and major influencers use to catapult their cause?

Most events, coaches and trainings out there give you the same old 'formula's' and 'blueprints' to grow your business... but if everyone is following the same 'system,' then you still end up lost in the sea of a million fish. And you are not a fish!

Welcome to Innovation Uncorked!

An Experiential Event, Tour & TV Show

Finally... How To Become Known As The Leading Authority In Your Industry. 

From the moment you enter this event you'll be in a transformational process. You'll collaborate with other leaders, and start positioning yourself to make positive impact you're passionate about. Plus, you may just end up on my TV show!

There are millions of business owners, coaches speakers out there saying the same blah blah blah message, regurgating old news over and over. Then they wonder why they have a hard time standing out and growing their brand. 

If you have something fresh, radical and bold to say and know you want to lead change in your industry, you are in the right place.  

For you to rise up... and rise up fast, you need to create profoundly unique ideas to be seen in your market. I am jazzed to help you "uncork" your innovative side by taping into your creative power. 

I am Cindy Ashton. I am a distruptor. I know a thing or two about creativity and standing out. By the time I was 19, I was already working with Broadway performers. Since then I have graced thousands of stages singing and speaking and now I have an Award-Winning TV show, Cindy Uncorked on e360TV... and yup, I tackle provocative issues. That picture is me interviewing Lou Diamond Phillips about a touchy topic. He loves to #GetUncorked and push boundaries too.

Over my 22 year career, I have trained thousands of clients from entrepreneurs who were just starting out to CEO's and VP's of fortune 500 companies. And guess what? They were all brilliant people who were shaking things up. Like you. 

Ready to turn heads with your work and boost your visibility, impact and profits signficantly? Keep reading...

Who is this for?

Distruptors = A business professional, entrepreneur, speaker or coach who has something fresh to say. You are a game-changer and a trend-setter... or you want to be.You are socially conscious, whip smart, think outside the box and have a big heart for humanity.

The Experiental Event! Get Filmed for the Show

No more getting stiff sitting watching a speaker. No more doing superficial networking. No more boring strategies.

Innovation Uncorked is an evening event where you will be taken through a series of experiential exercises to open up your creative thinking, connect you with other attendees in a meaningful way and give you 'outside the box' strategies on marketing, sales, branding and presentation. You will walk away with revolutionary ideas and tools to get your fresh, cutting edge work out to the world. Only the brave and bold shall attend! 

Each event in every city will be filmed. Best moments will be aired on the TV show, Innovation Uncorked so bring your most amazing you and have your moment in the spotlight. 

The Tour: What Cities Are the Events Coming to? 

Join other disruptors leading the way in their industries and changing the game. 

These radically unique events will be hosted across North America From September 9th, 2018 to March 30th, 2019. Join us in...

Chicago, IL: September 9th Baltimore, MD: February 2nd

Philadelphia, PA New York City, NY

Toronto, ON: October 19th Boston, MA 

Las Vegas, NV: January 15th San Diego, CA: January 12th 

The TV Show: Spreading Innovation to the World

#InnovationUncorked will feature YOU our attendees and be aired to 190 million screens worldwide + pumped out to our social media following of over 2 million.

I won a Telly Award for my show, #CindyUncorked alongside CBS Interactive & CBS news in the same catetgory of Social Issues.

I am ready to do it again with Innovation Uncorked. We will be filming the whole tour, including the experiential events, profiles of a few lucky businesses and red carpet interviews with YOU, the attendees...the best ones get aired on the show!

The series will air in winter on e360tv via Roku, Apple TV, Amazon, etc... 

By attending this experiential event, you will...

  •   Discover the key distinctions, skills and tools that high-impact leaders use to create mass influence/impact/change and grow their businesses rapidly
  • Have the ability to mesmerize prospects, audiences and listeners in a matter of moments
  • Unlock your creative portals to spark unique ideas that get you noticed and even have the press knocking on your door
  • Leverage your unique brand personality to differentiate from all the other businesses in your field
  • Understand the essence of your ideal clientele so they feel drawn to you easily (no more chasing!
  • Veer off from boring 'systems' and 'blueprints' that make you like everyone else and create a plan than makes people go "Ooooo."

Ready to #GetUncorked and Join the Movement to be a Disruptor and Make Massive Impact Growth?

"Email me about your dates and venues + how to get filmed on the red carpet"

"I want to know more about how my business can have it's own segment on the TV show and be promoted to 2 million people"

You can either attend one of our live events or be part of the worldwide community we are building where you can participate in contests and join in experiential online activities to get noticed.

We can feature your business in innovative ways during the tour, at the events, on TV, via social media and more. Sponsorship opportunities range based on your unique goals and budget. 

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